What to do While your Kids Watch Star Wars

I’ve completely lost the plot when it comes to Star Wars. I almost understood what was going on in the first three films…. but if I’m completely honest, they confused the hell out of me. Then the going back in time, forward in time and slap bang in the middle films started, at that point, I had to call it a day.

But as the owner of a 15 year old boy, it’s the law apparently, to take him to see it obviously. I’ve enrolled a group of other teens and deposited them under a large popcorn….. each, Mortgage increase later, and escaped 😀

I’ve found a table in Costa and I’ve raided WHSmith. Now I can ignore the miserable rain and immerse myself in a good read.

Only problem is ….. Yachting World or Yachting Monthly first?

Which would you choose?<<<<<<<

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