The Baguette

A strange thing to talk about on a sailing site you might think. However, I feel I need to address the problem of victualling especially on a Clipper Round the World Yacht . If I talk about this problem now, maybe I can have a reasonable lunch next year on my training weeks.

Before the crew (victims) arrive the skipper and I trudge round the supermarket attempting to buy food that is nourishing, not too expensive and most importantly easy to cook. Not an easy task when there are 16 on board and 6 days to cater for. The evening meals seem to work ok; curry, chilli, sausages, pasta. Lunch seems to be a very different matter.

We’ve tried baked potatoes.

The dream

These are wonderful boat food but with the very slow Clipper ovens, they need to go on at breakfast. So when, at 11 o’clock I ask “did the potatoes go in” and I’m faced with blank stares, I know I’m in for a bullet hard lunch.

The reality

We’ve tried baguettes.

These need partial cooking ( risky) then filling with cheese, ham, tomatoes and lettuce.

The dream

These arrived up on deck in a force 7 as something that briefly resembled a club sandwich, and rapidly became half a roll, as all the filling made a break for it and flew off into the sea.

The Reality

By week three, I had lost the will to live with crew catering but it dawned on me, in the aisle of Aldi that the answer was there right in front of me………

The Wrap

Here was a food that describes what to do with it in its own name. Nothing could go wrong this time. My lunch would be fantastic.

The day of the wrap arrived. Ham, grated cheese, lettuce, tomato, salsa and soured cream warmed in a little foil parcel. Served with scorching soup that no one could hold but the decks at 45 degrees so couldn’t be put down.

I was beyond excited.

The Dream

The Reality

Then the force 9 gust whipped across the deck and the Reality changed to

The Boastie

There is only one solution. The Boastie – boat toastie. Butter the outside of the bread, make the sandwich, wrap in foil and chuck in the oven for 40 mine or so. The foil stops the filling escaping and saves washing up plates. Move them round and turn them if you don’t want charcoal on one side.

This hasn’t gone wrong yet but there is always next year……..

I have a few months to work out food for next year. Please send in your suggestions.

Crew…….. food blows away, enclose the filling in something, Anything 😬

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