I Want to Live in Merino


So today I’m not sailing 🙁. Unfortunately, training and teaching grinds to a halt in November and doesn’t really get going again until February.

So here is my dilemma of the day, can I wear Merino base layers every day including Christmas Day? Can I go to Waitrose in my base layers or is that the sailing equivalently of shopping in pyjamas? Social suicide.🤭

My favourite sailing kit are my 260 Icebreaker 100% Merino base layers.

Essential for sailing in the Solent or any other area of the UK. Mine have been across the Southern Ocean, I wore them for 2 weeks non stop. I slept in them and sailed in them. At 45 degrees, in enormous waves and freezing cold, I wasn’t changing anything. The claim is that Merino doesn’t get smelly. I tested this to the max and I seemed to smell great. Amazing. Since then I have worn these base layers and my lighter 200 weight ones over and over again for weeks on end for the last 3 years and they have been washed and washed. They still look perfect. Ok, they were pricy at the beginning but wow, they are magical.

We won the race across the Southern Ocean and the Major came to give us pizzas and beer. He left very quickly. Maybe I didn’t smell quite as lovely as I thought I did………..😱

Top Tip

To dry the layers that have been soaked by the wave that ran along the deck of the yacht and poured itself down your back and into your boots, climb into your sleeping bag and by the time you get shaken awake from unconscious exhaustion, you will be dry.

Ok, so climbing into your sleeping bag soaking wet is revolting, it’s much better than being wet. Climbing into someone else’s sleeping bag is a better option but doesn’t make you popular with your bunk buddy.😝

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